Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nice N Easy Colourblend Foam - 9A Light Ash Blonde - Review / 1st Impressions.

hello lovelies!
It's been a while since I posted a review, so I thought I'd pop one on today and as I have just dyed my mum's hair, I thought why not do a post about the product I used on her hair? It's not going to be a full on review, just a first impressions kinda post.

The hair dye that I used today was Nice 'N Easy's Colourblend Foam in shade 9A Light Ash Blonde. My mum's been highlighting her hair for nearly ten years and has always used Wella's Blonde Streaking Kit to add and top up her roots. But lately she's been feeling bored with her hair and wanted to tone it down a little bit as she thinks she's getting too old for bleach blonde hair (she's not, she's just being stupid!) So, we decided to go for a more natural looking blonde hence the dye my Mum chose.

I have used the Colourblend Foam dye before (post here) and have been really impressed by it, so I recommended that my mum try out the foam formula for a change. Above is a (really badly taken) photo of my mum's hair before the dye. It was a pale white-blonde colour with her dark roots coming through. On the right is the dye during the process, which as you can see it began going darker already after only ten minutes of being applied.

And this is the finished product. (Again, bad picture!) I think it looks a lot more natural and toned down and for once it looks like the shade on the box, so my mum was really happy with the results. I think it suits her a whole lot more than before.

This brand of hair dye has definitely become my favourite, it's so easy to apply and gives great coverage and colour. If you're planning on dyeing your hair definitely check out the colourblend foam dyes, they're amazing.

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