Thursday, April 20, 2017

What I Watched - March 2017.

Hello lovelies! After seeing Sarah's new blog post, I realised that I had forgotten to put up a post featuring the movies I'd watched in March. So, yeah, even though it's the middle of April, I thought I'd just put it out there anyways as I compiled a list and everything...ha! 

What I Watched in March 2017
Eddie the Eagle - I watched this with Alex & loved it. Taron Egerton was amazing! Bring on KM2.
Me, Earl & the Dying Girl - I've put off watching anything with cancer in it since my Mum died (still not seen TFiOS), but I finally gave in and watched this. I cried my f*cking eyes out.
Edge of Seventeen - I love Hailee Steinfeld and her character in this spoke to me in volumes.
Pitch Perfect 2 - I'm not the biggest PP fan, but the second installment is way better than one, imo.
Beverly Hills Cop - An odd one, but I grew up with these & decided to give it a watch.
Harry Potter - I attended a HP quiz last week & didn't do as good as I thought I would, so I decided to give them all a rewatch. Currently up to DH1.
The Mummy - Another favourite from my teen-hood. It's just a cool movie. The new one can suck it.
Scream 3 - My favourite of the trilogy gets a watch every so often. (3,2,4,1 for any interested)

I admit, that is a weird mish-mash of movies for March, but my mind just jumps to random movies whenever I'm thinking of one to watch, but at least I don't get bored with the same type of film, eh? April's movies are looking a little dismal as I've only watched three so far, but I'm gonna try and watch a couple films tomorrow as I've got nothing planned. So, hopefully I'll remember to get that up and ready for May! (Friggin' May, how is it possible we're almost half way through the year?!!)

What have you been watching this past month? Any recommendations for my April watchlist?
Laura x


  1. Love the selection! I LOVED Edge of Seventeen so I might watch that before April is up...only 1 more day to watch as many as possible for my list haha.
    Also really fancy a Pitch Perfect marathon, might do that for May!

    Me and Tom are doing a movie day at my work tomorrow, we're watching Fast 8 & Guardians of the Galaxy. It's my day off but I'm still spending my day at work - I'm crazy I know haha

    Sarah x

    1. I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy today and I bloody loved it! I'm not a big Marvel person, but by god, I can't resist baby Groot, aha! x


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