About Me :D

If my armor breaks, I'll fuse it back together.

I never really know how to write these things, but here goes. My name is Laura, I am 23 years old & I live in a small town in West Yorkshire. I want to write a really cool and interesting about me where you'd be oohing and aahing at my life, but there's not really a lot to say about it if I'm honest. Let's see....I live with my brother in our family home. I have a boyfriend, Alex, who's stuck with me for 6.5 years. I have a little doggo called Patch, who is constantly whining whenever I leave the room. I don't have a job currently due to my mental health. I am usually the quite one on her own in crowded places. I like to collect books and wait years to read them. I binge watch tv shows almost every day. I obsess over movies that I like. I listen to music whenever I can, I find it speaks to me more than anything else. Uhm, that's pretty much all the 'fun' stuff right there :D

So onto my little blog -
Pale Girl Reviews came into existence in 2012. It is the child of many hours of watching YouTube channels (BubzBeauty is my fave!) and browsing through many a blog post. I never thought I'd create anything good, but I thought 'eh, why not give it a try?' and here we are. My little corner of the blogosphere. I don't express myself too well through writing, so my posts definitely aren't the best you'll find but they're real and not written to appease some blogging law. I tend to write about things that I like be it movies, music, tv and the main reason I started, beauty. I don't stick to a blogging plan or schedule and I just blog whenever the inspiration comes. 

So, thanks for popping by and even for reading all of this, brownie points to you! Feel free to leave some comments on posts, email me or follow me on social media. I'm awkward but I do reply to everyone!

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Laura x